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What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Tijuana, Mexico traveler?

ClubHombre has all your Tijuana Sex and Mexico Sex, Escort, Brothel, and Strip Club Information.

ClubHombre currently features 57288 photos and 5510 Tijuana photos.

So you want to go to Tijuana. TJ. The weekend party town of San Diego teens, supreme gringo tourist trap, and most importantly, a paradise for the American single adult traveler. You've heard the stories of gorgeous women who can be had for the price of a couple lap dances at your local strip club. But you've also heard tales of scams & rip-offs, muggings and she-males. You want to know the truth about the risks and how to avoid becoming a victim. You also need information on where to find the hottest chicas (ladies) in TJ, which chicas provide the best service, and how to get the best possible deal. Well you've come to the right place. Club Hombre has the most extensive and up to date database of TJ information maintained by the largest concentration of expert TJ adventurers available on the Web.

What can you expect to find in the Club Hombre Tijuana pages? Well, how about…

Detailed information on the different areas of Tijuana:

Revolucion - which clubs to avoid and which clubs to check out. You'll find vital data on how not to become another gringo tourist victim and how to avoid pitfalls such as change scams and she-male pickpockets.

The Zona - Zona Norte, a.k.a. Zona Roja. The Zona can be a bit scary for the first time monger. Club Hombre will arm you with the info you need to make your Zona experience safe, fun and as economical as possible. You'll find detailed info on just about every club in the Zona, with huge amounts of data on every aspect of the major clubs such as Adelitas, Chicago Club, Bar Tropical and Las Chevalas.

Even more detailed information about every aspect of enjoying adult travel in TJ:

A "Newbie" Starting Point - knowledge is power, and the Tijuana section of Club Hombre will give it to you. You'll find a detailed map of the Zona and advice from veteran travelers on how to make your first trip to Tijuana one of the safest and most memorable experiences of your life.

Chica Reports - the most up to date info on price, performance and location of the best providers in TJ, broken down by location and club. Whether you want to know if that hot Morena dancing onstage at the Pussycat Club is available for more than just a lap dance (and for how much), or which chicas in the Zona Norte clubs provide the best service for the best price, you'll find relevant advice here. You'll also find even more detailed information than you would have occurred to you to ask for You'll also find extensive files on those oh so tempting Street Ladies who populate the streets of "La Zona", along with the scoop on which massage parlor has the finest chicas and the best prices for "extra services".

Detailed Trip Reports - sometimes the best and most entertaining way to learn about enjoying yourself in TJ is to read the reports of those who have gone before you. At Club Hombre, you'll find both current and archived trip reports covering every conceivable detail of an adult adventure to Tijuana. You'll swear you can smell the Carne Asada grilling and feel the Street Ladies tugging on your sleeve as you walk down the street

Hotels, Restaurants, Transportation and more - although the chicas are what bring us to TJ, we still have to eat, sleep and get from place to place. Club Hombre has tons of detailed reports on the hotels, restaurants and transportation options available in TJ. Whether you're looking for a safe, inexpensive room as close as possible to the action, or a nice quiet hotel with luxury amenities, you'll find detailed info including rates, room quality, tips on getting the best deal and of course, chica friendliness. You'll also find reviews of every conceivable dining option, from the taco and hotdog carts that seem to be on every street, to teh finest gourmet restaurants in Baja. The transportation section will arm you with vital information on such things as where to find taxis that won't rip you off, using the bus systems, and the best options for crossing back to the USA in the shortest possible time.

Trip Buddies - there's nothing like hooking up with an experienced traveler who can "show you the ropes" and ease your TJ fears. Club Hombre makes this easy with our "Trip Buddies" section and a trip calendar that is available to the entire Hombre community. Club Hombre is indeed a community, and you'll find no shortage of members willing to assist you or answer pretty many any questions you may have.

What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Tijuana traveler?

  1. Detailed descriptions and reviews of 500+ chicas from major bars to strip clubs to street gals. (+photos for Hombre Plus annual members)
  2. Reviews and suggestions for all major establishments (bars, restaurants, hotels) and many smaller ones as well
  3. Online calendar and travel buddy section for meeting up with fellow adventures
  4. Detailed suggestions and guides to make your adventures more safer, more enjoyable, and more fun
  5. Reviews of hundreds of ladies from Adelita Bar, Chicago Club, Tropical Bar, Miami Bar, Hong Kong and many, many more!
  6. Information and reviews of local Tijuana and Mexico escorts, although escorts are not the main option in TJ
  7. Detailed info about local massage parlors like Azteca Massage, Ejecutivo Real Massage, Luxor Estetica, Monte Carlo Ejecutivo and dozens more
  8. Coverage of bars and brothels in the La Mesa, Revoluccion, and Zona Norte (North Zone, aka Zona Roja) areas.

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